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Located in the City of Sydney’s trendy suburb of Alexandria you’ll find The Hudson, a beautiful award-winning warehouse conversion comprising four buildings with 272 apartments, managed by STM.

As with most inner-city suburbs, Alexandria locals are typically passionate about city living, and The Hudson residents are no different. This includes being environmentally friendly, pet friendly, and neighbour friendly. In short, The Hudson is a sought-after community because it is just that. It is a real, fully engaged community with enthusiastic committees.

So when Strata Title Management Regional Manager, Lynne Kopellos, presented sustainable solutions to them, they were extremely supportive and receptive to these, and eager to implement energy and cost saving initiatives for the greater good of the community.

Their achievements did not go unnoticed. In early 2021 The Hudson won the prestigious City of Sydney Smart Green Apartment Award, and Lynne Kopellos won the Smart Green Strata Manager of the Year Award.

The Hudson achieved energy cost savings of $40,000/year and savings approaching 300 tonnes of greenhouse gases/year. Other initiatives undertaken includes:

  • Installation of dimmable, motion-sensored, energy efficient lighting in the carpark, hallway and stairwell areas – obviously reducing the continual lighting of these entire areas with lights dimming to 30% if no movement was detected. An immediate energy reduction including costs and footprint again.
  • Upgrading the carpark ventilation and exhaust with viable speed drives linked to carbon monoxide monitors. The exhaust fans form part of the air supply system for the carpark and are involved in bringing fresh air into the basement as required.  They are linked to carbon monoxide monitors in the carpark and are demand activated. This means effectively, that the supply fan now operates only when needed rather than 24 hours a day. Savings are based on electrical costs and The Hudson’s environmental footprint.
  • a replacement for pool heating is currently underway with an upgraded energy efficient heat exchange. The owners will have the pleasure of a pool temperature that is maintained constantly without the need for the pump to work 24 hours to achieve this, a pool cover retaining temperature and reducing energy waste is also part of the installations.
  • implementation of a food scrap recycling trial with City of Sydney
  • implementation of a textile recycling scheme
These savings were used as quantifiable future proofing methods for investment purposes. Owners understand these activities are attractive to many buyers and, rather than being a financial burden, can be treated as adding significant value to the properties.

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