What is a Strata Committee?

What is a Strata Committee?

The administration and management of the strata scheme may be performed on behalf of all lot owners by a Strata Committee. 

The Strata Committee is a group of owners elected at each Annual General Meeting who can make many of the day-to-day decisions about running the scheme on behalf of the Owners Corporation including the control, maintenance and repair of common property. 

The Committee has the responsibility of enforcing by-laws (rules), the ability to make new ones, and must budget how much money is required to maintain your building now and into the future.

Election of the Strata Committee

The Strata Committee can have up to nine members. You can be elected to the Committee if you are:

  • an owner;
  • a company nominee of a corporation that is an owner; or
  • a person who is not an owner but who is nominated by an owner in accordance with the requirements outlined in the legislation.

A Strata Committee meeting is held straight after the Annual General Meeting to decide who is to hold the office bearer positions of Chair (Chairperson), Secretary, Treasurer and Ordinary Committee Members.

Remember, it is you, the owner, who votes for the Strata Committee.

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